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S3C2416XH-40(查看) 330FBGA


技術資料—— S3C2416 PDF技術資料
S3C2416 參數
ARM Core Series ARM 9 Series (926EJ)
Speed 400MHz
Features 2D Graphic Engine / DDR2 Support / HW 8bit ECC for MLC NAND
Package 330FBGA

S3C2416 概述

S3C2416 is 16/32-bit RISC microprocessor. S3C2416 is designed to provide hand-held devices and general applications with low-power, and high-performance microcontroller solution in small die size. To reduce total system cost, the S3C2416 includes the following components.

The S3C2416 is developed with ARM926EJ core, 65nm CMOS standard cells and a memory complier. Its lowpower, simple, elegant and fully static design is particularly suitable for cost- and power-sensitive applications. It adopts a new bus architecture known as Advanced Micro controller Bus Architecture (AMBA).

The S3C2416 offers outstanding features with its CPU core, a 16/32-bit ARM926EJ RISC processor designed by Advanced RISC Machines, Ltd. The ARM926EJ implements MMU, AMBA BUS, and Harvard cache architecture with separate 16KB instruction and 16KB data caches, each with an 8-word line length.

S3C2416 性能

  • ARM926EJ CPU 266/400MHz with 16KB I-cache and 16KB D-cache
  • Dual port external memory controller: DRAM/ROM control and chip select logic
  • 64KB internal general purpose SRAM
  • 32KB internal ROM for moviNAND booting
  • LCD controller with DMA-dedicated: 24bpp, 2-PIP
  • 2D graphics accelerator
  • 6-ch DMAs with external request pins
  • 4-ch UART (3Mbps) with IrDA 1.0 (64B FIFO)
  • 1-ch HS-SPI (50Mbps)
  • 1-ch IIC: multi-master
  • 1-ch IIS: 5.1 channel support and combined PCM and AC97 I/F
  • 2-ch SD/SDIO/MMC
  • 1 port USB Host v1.1 full speed
  • 1 port USB Device v2.0 high speed
  • 4-ch PWM timers & 1-ch internal timers
  • Real time clock & Watch dog timer
  • 2 PLLs with on-chip clock generator
  • Power modes: Normal, Idle, Stop & Deep Stop, Sleep and Power-off
  • 10-ch 12-bit ADC (Touch screen interface)
  • 65nm low-power technology
  • Package: 330-pins FBGA (0.65mm Pitch), 14 x 14 x 1.7mm

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